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As an owner of an Optometric website, you will find it very beneficial to have your site on page one of the search engines, especially Google. According to studies, Google controls 65-70% of the searches in the United States. The entire process of helping your website to rank higher on the search engines and thus get more visitors to look at your website is called SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. This is accomplished by strategically having knowledgeable experts get backlinks to your website and by using videos and social media. Search engine optimization in the hands of novices will get the ranking of your website destroyed!

How Optometry Search Engine Optimization Works

The process of search engine optimization for your Optometric website is actually a complicated process. There are many items that need to be taken into account when designing a SEO campaign for your office. Some of these are:

✅ Your competition
✅ Your current backlinks
✅ Your entity establishment
✅ Your website stucture
✅ and MANY more

Once we gather all this information, we can make a plan of action to move your website from wherever it is ranking now, to a higher position in the search engines. What this means to you is more traffic to your website and more phone calls.

We Are An Optometry Only
SEO Company

SEO Services For One Practice Per Geographic Location

We NEVER will even consider providing our services to your competitors or to non private practice Optometry businesses.

We Know and Speak Optometry

We understand how Optometry works. When you specialize in only one niche like we do, you will not need to explain to a dilettante about how your practice works.

We Understand Your Specialties

If you need search engine optimization for dry eyes or low vision or vision therapy or ortho-k we know the sub niche and know how to optimize your website to get more traffic.


SEO goes by many different names. Many individuals or companies can advertise themselves as “search engine optimization”, “search engine marketing”, SEO Expert, SEO consultant or a myriad of other titles. They are basically mean the same in that they all try to get your website to rank higher in Google. As far as Optometry marketing SEO experts, besides ourself, we do not really know of any companies that are dedicated to helping only private practice ODs. If you look very carefully many companies advertise very heavily that they do Optometry only SEO but in fact after careful inspection you will find that they choose to market for Dentistry, Chiropractic and a plethora of other professions that will pay them $$$. We have chosen to stick with Optometry and more specifically private practice Optometry.

So Why Would SEO Be Important For The Average Optometric Practice?

Fact #1

If your website is on the second page of Google for your most commonly typed in keywords, more than 90% of people looking for an optometrist will not find your website! I always like people to think about the proverbial huge expensive billboard sign in the middle of the Sahara Desert. So what good is an expensive wonderful website if NO ONE can find it!

Fact #2

The top 3 organic listings on Google receive 60% of the traffic!

Fact #3

The 1st organically ranked site gets more than 10 TIMES as many visitors as the websites that are ranked number 8, 9 and 10 on page 1

Fact #4

The first organically ranked site gets about 3 times as many visitors as the third organically ranked website on page 1.

So What Does All Of This Mean?

Well, the ideal spot for your website to be is sitting at the #1 organic postion on page 1 of the Google search engines for ALL of the most commonly searched optometric keywords. Assuming an average per patient revenue for the 1st year of $300.00, each patient that your website brings adds an additional $200 to the bottom line of your practice (assuming a cost of goods of 33%). This patient coming back will geometrically improve profits in years to come.

If search engine optimization is carefully done, your website will rank higher and give the opportunity for more prospective patients to see your website and call your practice to make an appointment or fill out our discovery application page here:

The Importance Of Local SEO For Google Maps Marketing And Your Optometry Practice

Smart optometric practices realize that local search engine optimization begins in the Google My Business (GMB) maps pack.  This is also known as the 3 pack.  There can be SO MANY possibilities for attracting new patients from this three pack listing that OD offices should concentrate on this area.  For those of you that are not aware, please refer to the image below that shows Google results for the keyword term “optometrist St Louis”.

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local seo for google my business listing

One of the things that is very obvious is that there are three listings showing but below those 3 listings there is a “more places” icon that is clickable and will reveal in this case 10 pages of results with close to 20 listings on each page.  So there can be as many as 200 offices represented here but only 3 carefully crafted practices occupy the coveted 3 pack.  So obviously these practices will have an advantage over other OD practices because of this one fact. Recently, Google changed it’s ranking factors to go to “mobile first” which means that there is a desktop ranking, a tablet ranking for like an Ipad and a mobile phone ranking and ranking across the board will be dictated by how your rankings are for what appears on the mobile website for every private practice office across the country.

So we need all private practice ODs to know that if they are looking for more business then a great place to begin is by having local SEO for optometrists performed by experts that understand exactly how search marketing works!  Of course that means us!

Many people ask us how can my practice’s website Google My Business listing rank in the 3 pack.  The answer is very simple.  Google likes to feature websites and GMB listings that in their computer algorithm appear to represent the most authoritative and relevant listings.  We all know that many times computer programs get things right but other times it does not.  We have seen plenty of areas within the United States where a very powerful and authoritative website may be ranked well organically but not be listed even in the top 10 spots in the maps section.  We have also seen many times that an unclaimed listing may occupy the top spot in the maps or even a listing with very poor reviews.  We feel sorry for those practices with very poor reviews that do rank in the 3 pack because nationwide statistics show that a business with a low star rating on Google could lose up to 75% of potential new customers because of that rating.  So local optimization for your practice is certainly important.  Please check out our information about reputation management and reputation marketing on a few of our blog posts on this website

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