Optometry Marketing For Your Private Practice Optometric Business

Ok, this is what it boils down to. Your office needs a system of getting new more patients and producing more money. Unfortunately, just doing one single step does not get the job done. I compare internet marketing to doing a refraction. If you want to get the right prescription you must follow a step by step plan.

Optometry Marketing Ideas For Your Private Practice

Here is the NO BS facts for you. The only thing that matters is more phone calls to your office and more patients. Everything else is not important. So stop listening to others that.

Here is what you need to do in order to successfully market your practice online.

  • Maps Marketing: Get ranked in one of the top 3 positions in google maps for your most commonly searched keywords.
  • Reputation Marketing: Have more 5 star reviews than any of your competitors.
  • Traffic Creation: Get more traffic to your website – from multiple sources.
  • Video Marketing: Get found on YouTube – It is the #2 search engine in the USA.
  • Social Media Marketing: Actively get involved in social media. Your potential patients are there….. you need to be where they are at.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Get your website ranked on the first page of google for your most commonly searched keywords.
  • Website Design And Conversion: If your website is UGLY, out of date or is hard to navigate then get a new one

If you combine all of these efforts into a system and follow the system step by step, then the results can become phenomenal. We have the system. We have the plan and we will help you get the results.

Effective Optical Shop Marketing – An Optometry Market Most Optometrists Overlook

This is an area that so many offices fail to promote mainly because they are just not thinking properly. Let me ask you these questions?

  • Could your office benefit by having people bringing in their scripts for glasses from other offices?
  • Does your office appear in the “Maps” section for the google search = Optical Your City Your State (example Optical Chicago IL).
  • Do you have videos of your optical area on your website and on YouTube?
  • How much money are you giving to your competitors because they ARE promoting their optical service

Please let us help. We understand optometry and optical sales.

Marketing Strategies For Promoting Your Optometric Specialty

Optometric Specialties Need Special Promotions

Many of the practices we evaluate “mention” their subspecialty on their website. Some even have a page devoted to it, but seldom do we see a practice that truly promotes this properly outside their office. We can help.


If you are NOT promoting these areas online EVERYWHERE, you are losing opportunites for attracting more patients. That means these potential patients are going to see someone else. If they can’t find your subspecialty where THEY are at (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others) then say bye-bye as they will go to your competitor.


Most specialties have the opportunity to attract patients from further away than a “normal” patient. We have the methods for “casting a bigger net”. Let us help to grow your optometric subspecialty.

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We’ll help you with your Optometry Marketing needs.

Getting Ranked Organically In Google Is Only Part Of The Key

Here is the big picture of what does work. You, Your Practice, Five Star Reviews —- On the web, on video, on social media, on image sharing sites = You – Your practice – EVERYWHERE.

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In the past, just getting your website ranked in one of the top 3 positions for your most commonly searched keywords was enough. But now there is the “maps 3 pack” that is extremely important.  Also searches on mobile devices will work a bit differently than searches from a desktop.  Your practice needs to be found everywhere.

Building Businesses with search engine optimization and traffic delivery is our specialty. We know how to rank websites and drive targeted traffic. If you have been burned before and have spent big bucks on websites that will never see a return on their investment then please contact us.

Developing a budget to be used with properly with Google adwords and also for marketing on Facebook is also very important.  We will help.

Here are a few of the necessities and some additional optometry marketing tips that are needed for growing your practice by building a bigger, larger and more profitable business with online marketing and more specifically with optometry practice marketing

Marketing For Optometry Is the Optometrists Secret Optometrist Market Tactic

  1. Your practice needs to be found online on the Google search engine results in the organic listings. This is an essential of all optometry marketing plans
  2. We cannot tell you how many optometrists that we talked to that have paid huge sums of money for websites that look pretty but unfortunately don’t appear high in rankings on Google for their most commonly searched keywords. In most cities across the US, that keyword is Optometrist “Your City Your State Abbreviation”  For example Optometrist Peoria IL or Optometrist Overland Park KS.  In some cities, we have “eye doctor” city state abbreviation be the most commonly searched keyword.  In addition to these primary keywords though, there are lots of other eye care and contact lens keywords that your eye care center should be targeting also. Getting found online is ALWAYS dependent upon appearing in one of the top 3 positions on Google for your most commonly searched keyword AND appearing in the Google maps 3 pack. Check out our page about Google Maps Marketing and Optimization which in our opinion is a practice management necessity and should be part of everyones healthcare marketing solutions .  We always compare having a great looking website not on the 1st page or more specifically in the top 3 organic spots to spending big bucks on a huge billboard sign and then putting that big billboard in the middle of the Sahara desert.  Of course no one will find that expensive billboard.  Same idea here.  If your website is on the second page of Google less than 5% of searchers will even see the listing for your website because less than 5% of searchers will look at page 2 search results on Google.  If you truly want to grow your business please let our marketing consultancy for independent ods assist.
  3. Your practice needs to be found in the Maps 3 pack section of the Google for your most commonly searched keywords also. With the exception of traffic generation we think this is the most important part of the getting found online part of optometric marketing.  With algorithm updates by Google including “mobile first rankings” this has become even more important.  Only 3 spots are available for the dominant optometry practices to appear in your geographic location.  If your practice is NOT in one of those coveted spots there is no doubt that you are losing potential patients and dollars to your competitors.
  4. Lots Of 5 Star Reviews
  5. There is absolutely no doubt about it, but online reviews, your online reputation and reputation management are incredibly important and no doubt are an important part of your marketing strategy. There is something extremely important about reviews though that goes along with what was talked about earlier.  The reviews need to be able to be easily found online.  Unfortunately there are some companies that provide great services but the reviews that they generate are not found on the first page of Google.  Once again if you cannot find them, they are not really of much value.  So the majority of times where we want reviews to show up is in Google Maps and Facebook.  In some parts of the country appearing in Yelp is important for your local business also.  These are the locations that potential patients will actually look to find out more information about your practice.  One of the most staggering statistics that we like to always mention is that 87% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal referral from a friend.  So if you don’t think online reviews are incredibly important, you are so very wrong.  We would like your practice to have more reviews than your competitors and of course a higher star rating.
  6. Be found everywhere that your potential patients frequently visit. This definitely includes Facebook but also includes YouTube.  Most people do not realize it but YouTube is the number two ranked search engine in the United States.  The average daily search volume on YouTube is MORE than the combined number of searches on Bing and Yahoo combined.  Most practices that we see don’t have any videos, and some have a video or two.  Hardly anyone we talk with have a solid video marketing program set up and it can be very effective, but it is like everything else, it must be planned and then implemented.  Videos can be posted on YouTube on Vimeo, on Facebook, on your website and the often under-utilized Google My Business.  There are so many things that even short videos can have an amazing impact on especially when dealing with people.  Please discuss with one of our staff about marketing your practice with videos.
  7. Your practice needs to have a strong Facebook Page. This includes posting on a daily basis and always including images or videos.  Sometimes an office assistant can actually do a good job at this if they are trained properly.  We have to remember that Facebook is a SOCIAL platform.  While educational information is nice…. Unfortunately the cold hard facts are that not very many people besides staff members and family members really care.  It is so very important to make content that is interesting to other people.  So please don’t make the all too common mistake of posting mostly about educational information because the majority of Facebook readers just don’t care.
  8. Other social media can be helpful in some situations. In working with high end practices we have observed that in addition to posting new styles on Facebook that adding images to Pinterest and Instagram can be helpful also.  The amount of time it takes to add images to these properties is minor compared to the potential benefit gained.  As we have mentioned before, please do not underestimate the audience numbers that are attracted to the Google My Business area also
  9. Make sure your website is up to date, pleasing to look at and easy to navigate. Still today we routinely see ugly vision care websites that look awful when viewing them as a mobile websites on a iphone or android device.  In order to effectively market your vision care practice having a mobile responsive website is a must.  Remember that your website and the way it appears to potential patients is the first impession that these people get.  They need to find information about eye health and information about how to make an eye exam online.  They need to know if you work with dry eye patients and also if you work with digital eye fatigue issues from extended use of computers which is almost always overlooked on optometry health care websites we see.  We are amazed that there is seldom information about all the types of contact lenses that are offered by  optometric business websites.  Please dont let this kind of information be your best kept secret.  We know that is not effectively marketing your eye health practice and certainly just overlooked, expecially by digital marketing companies that do not work exclusively with optometry practice marketing.
  10. Do something different!

We know this is not online marketing ideas, but is incredibly important. Every optometry practice we talk with says that we give a good eye exam.  Well, while we all know this is important, if all  independent ods give great health care eye exams, this is certainly not a way to differentiate or grow your local business.  People rarely comment to others about getting a great exam, but they may talk about the large selection of designer frames or the cool colored contact lenses that they got or being fit with a new bifocal contact lens.  These are areas that can differentiate your practice from others and are marketing ideas that can help you grow your business.

If your business is looking for a optometry only marketing consultancy, then please contact us so we can develop a marketing strategy for growing your practice with our digital marketing and practice management expertise.

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Of course any form of marketing must center around your practice brand.  This is extremely important for the patient experience.  Current patients when they have an office visit will often need ophthalmic lenses which helps the revenue cycle.  We have seen in some cases that a window display on the busy street can be helpful and is a marketing tips that can be used as a reference guide.  Of course we know that we cannot do plastic surgery so we must get search results to help in revenue cycle management.  Coding and billing is also something that can be very helpful.  Even for a dry eye patient it can add thousands of dollars to your annual revenue if it is done properly.  In our experience, while some people recommend it, direct mail has not been effective in generating new patients.

Healthcare marketing by way of using Google search results should be the cornerstone of all your marketing plans.  Please never overlook the facts also that the majority of the potential patients that are looking for your practice are on mobile devices.  While having separate mobile websites is NOT important, having a website that is mobile responsive and very mobile friendly is a great asset and a MUST if you are going to compete in today’s environment.

Reputation management should be part of every practice that wants to thrive.