Optometry Marketing Services For Your Private Practice Optometrist Business

Ok, this is what it boils down to. Your office needs a system of getting new patients and producing more money. Unfortunately, just doing one single step does not get the job done. I compare internet marketing to doing a refraction. If you want to get the right prescription you must follow a step by step plan.  This is what optometry marketing is all about.

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Optometry Marketing Ideas For Your Optometric Private Practice

Here is the NO BS facts for you. The only thing that matters is more phone calls to your office and more patients. Everything else is not important. So stop listening to others that want to sell you  stuff that you do not need for effective optometry marketing.

As practice builders, here is what you need to do in order to successfully market your practice online.

  • Maps Marketing: Get ranked in one of the top 3 positions in google maps for your most commonly searched keywords.
  • Reputation Marketing: Have more 5 star reviews than any of your competitors.
  • Traffic Creation: Get more traffic to your website – from multiple sources.
  • Video Marketing: Get found on YouTube – The the #2 search engine in the USA and much under-utilized to build credibility.
  • Social Media Marketing: Actively get involved in social media. Your potential patients are there….. you need to be where they are at.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Get your website ranked on the first page of google for your most commonly searched keywords.
  • Website Design And Conversion: If you have an UGLY, out of date or just hard to navigate website, then get a new one
  • Google Advertisements: Sometimes you need pay-per-click to jump start website traffic on a paid listing.

If you combine all of these efforts into a system and follow the system step by step, then the results can become phenomenal. At Dominant OD, our lead generation experts have the system, resources and  the  optometry marketing and optimization plan that will help you get results.

What’s Working In Online Optometry Marketing Today To Help Private Practice Optometrists Get More Patients

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Get Into The Google Maps 3 Pack All Over Your Town

Your practice needs to be found in the google my business Maps 3 pack section of Google for your most commonly searched keywords. Currently this IS the most important part of online optometric marketing.  With algorithm updates by Google including “mobile first rankings” and changes to Google’s AI that now will show different results in the 3 pack in different areas of your city, this has become incredibly important and has been given the specific Optometry SEO name of Google Maps Marketing. It is possible now to selectively target certain demographics and to generate more traffic from that demographic location. This will help by bringing new patients. Only 3 spots are available for the dominant optometry practices to appear in your geographic and demographic location.  If your practice is NOT in one of those coveted spots, undoubtedly you are losing potential patients and dollars to your competitors. Please read more on our page dedicated to getting results on google my business on our Google Maps Marketing page.
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Get Lots Of 5 Star Reviews

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, but online reviews, your online reputation and reputation management are an incredibly important part of your marketing strategy. One of the most staggering statistics that should always be mentioned is that 87% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal referral from a friend. So if you don’t think online listing reviews are incredibly important, you are so very wrong.There is something extremely important about reviews though that goes along with what was talked about earlier.  The reviews need to be able to be easily found and to rank online on Google.  Unfortunately there are some companies that provide great services but the review listing that they generate are not found on the first page of Google.  Once again if you cannot find them, it’s not really of much value.  So the majority of times the desired location where reviews should show up is in Google My Business Maps and Facebook.  In some parts of the country appearing in Yelp can be important for your local business also.  These are the locations that potential patients will actually look to find out more information about your practice.   Let our practice builders staff help your practice to generate more reviews than your competitors and of course a higher star listing rating.

Effective Online Optical Shop Marketing For OD – Promoting A Business Area That Most Eyecare Providers Overlook

This is an area that so many offices fail to promote mainly because they are just not thinking properly. Let me ask you these questions?

  • Could your office benefit by having people bringing in their scripts for glasses from other offices?
  • Does your office appear in the “Maps” section for the google search = Optical Your City Your State (example Optical Chicago IL)?
  • Do you have videos of your optical area on your website and on YouTube?
  • How much money are you giving to your competitors because they ARE promoting their optical service?
  • Does your website even mention pediatric or child frames or even basics like prescription polarized sunglasses ?

Please let us help. We understand optometry business and optical sales.

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Online Marketing Strategies For Advertising Your Optometric Specialty

Optometric Specialties Need Special Promotions

Many of the practices our marketing specialists evaluate "mention" their sub-specialty on their website. Some even have a page devoted to it, but seldom find a practice that truly promotes this part of their business properly outside their office. Let us help with optometry marketing for your specialty.


If you are NOT promoting these areas online EVERYWHERE, you are losing opportunites for attracting more patients. That means these potential patients are going to see someone else. If they can't find your subspecialty where THEY are at (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others) then say bye-bye as they will be attracted to your competitors business.


Most specialties have the opportunity to attract patients from further away than a "normal" patient. We have the methods for "casting a bigger net" to target the audience wanted on google. Let us help to grow your optometric subspecialty with an effective optometry marketing business plan.

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Internal Optometry Marketing And Management Tips Not To Be Ignored

So here are some of the biggest “pearls” that I can share after helping build a single location, optometry only private practice that collected $100,000 a week  in a town of 110,000 people.  We had 48 employees and encountered every staff and practice management issue that one could possibly imagine (with the exception of Covid that happened after I had retired).  So please don’t just glance through these marketing ideas, but take them to heart and actually make vital changes in your practice and find out for yourself that this will make a huge difference.

Take The Time To Train Your Staff Properly

One of my pet peeves and probably of anyone that has actually built a huge optometry practice concerns poorly trained staff.  Your office staff will make or break you. After many years of hiring hundreds of staff we feel that experience is less important than friendliness.  You can always train a non-skilled person to do technical work.  Unfortunately you will not be able to train an employee to become people-friendly, empathetic or actually care about their job.


Receptionists:  Your receptionists are the first contact that a new patient has with your office.  There should be scripts in place for answering most of the common questions that come up. Our consultants certainly recommend that your office invest in a phone recording system (if legal in your state). If you are any amount like our practice was, you will be appalled with what you hear. Before implementing recorded calls our receptionists were great at answering questions when someone called but less than 25% of the time asked for the appointment 🙁

Opticians: Optical staff needs to have technical skills but also needs sales skills (and to be friendly as mentioned above).  We know that this sounds strange but a very common problem to avoid is to have optical staff members pre-judge what patients are willing to spend on optical goods, even when someone would walk in, based upon their own feelings about what they can afford.  Early on in our group practice our average sale in optical was “stuck”.  Eventually we found out that lack of training (by us, the practice owners) along with the limited range of frame prices displayed was the biggest factor in keeping our sales at a much lower dollar amount than what was wanted. It was a hard lesson to learn but showed us “missed opportunities” are a huge mistake made and because our doctors and support staff did not know how to properly market and sell optical goods.

Staff training is an ongoing – forever process. In my practice it took an enormous amount of time but certainly was well worth the effort. We found great value in making videos of many topics and made it mandatory for new employees to watch. In addition we had very good luck with having current well trained staff be in charge of training in their specific area (optician, tech, receptionist)


Don’t Spend Money On Stuff You Don’t Need

So often we run into great private practice offices that have spent a “ton” of money on marketing ideas that they really don’t need.  Unfortunately many marketing companies don’t care about convincing you that you need much more than you really do need. I know that our office literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on stuff that did not work.  Obviously this leaves a bad taste in your mouth and it was a horrible waste of resources.   Today we find it extremely helpful to spend marketing dollars on where your resources are most helpful.  Today your first step should be with marketing to local people on Google. Please understand that Google is constantly changing and these market changes effect optometrist marketing. Some of the most common items that sounds great, but are most likely NOT NEEDED nor even helpful to connect with for optometrists to successfully market are the following: More

  • New Websites ( but often the content on the website needs to be rewritten)
  • Yellow Pages Ads
  • Bing And Yahoo optimization to target seniors and medicare patients.
  • Online Listing
  • Cold email marketing
  • Subscriptions (most notably stuff offered by offline media companies)
  • Local “city” Magazine ads
  • Bus bench and bus signage advertising
  • New resident value packs
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Penny Saver and newspaper ads
  • Radio Advertisements (Unless you have a LARGE budget and track carefully)
  • Car Wrapping
  • Infographics Design
  • Other marketing ideas too numerous to list here

Do Something Different Than Your Competitors

Every optometry practice that  our staff talks with says that they give a good eye exam.  Well, while this is important, if all independent ODs give great health care eye exams, this is certainly not a way to differentiate or grow your local business.  People rarely comment to others about getting a great exam, but they may talk about the large selection of designer frames or the cool colored contact lenses that they got or being fit with a new bifocal More

contact lens.  These are areas that can differentiate your practice from others and are marketing ideas that can help you grow your business.  Also, if your practice does do something different, don’t let this service or product be the best kept secret in town.  Be ready to promote or market this product or service online!

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Additional Tips For Building A Bigger Practice

This is not online optometrist marketing  or social media marketing ideas, but is still incredibly important for you to implement if you want your business to thrive and grow.  Our CEO  decided to add this information about internal marketing as our consultants seldom find anyone that are taking these steps to help market their practice internally .  This in incredibly important whether you have a traditional practice or one focused on a specialty such as pediatric, vision therapy, sports vision, ortho K – myopia control, low vision, dry eye or other.

Track How Every Single New Patient Gets To Your Office

There is a very basic prerequisite that should be applied to every single marketing campaign that ANY business should follow and simply is this statement:  If you can’t track it then don’t do it. More

This is a HUGE downfall for almost every practice.  Most practices don’t even have a clue about how a new optometry patient gets to their practice.

Of the many OD’s talked with not one single practice could tell us exactly how each new patient got to their office.  In fact, the majority of them could not even tell us how many new patients were seen in the last month.

Unfortunately these practices that don’t keep good statistics will never know the results of a marketing campaign except by “gut feel” ….. a very bad way to base the success or failure of a marketing campaign and definitely not the way to market your office.

Find Out Who Is Currently Referring You Patients

This is an incredibly important way to market inside your office and so very much overlooked. In my private practice, after our staff started keeping track of this we found, that there were several patients that had referred over 50 patients and multiple others that had referred in the 20’s More
and actually over 50 that had referred more than 10 new patients.

These people are the internal marketing life blood of your existence. Every staff member should know their name and recognize them by face when they walk into your office.

These people deserve special treatment and should be rewarded with merchandise, discounts or even items such as free dinners at a great local restaurant, Starbucks coupons or something similar.

Once again, if you are NOT tracking this then you are in jeopardy of losing these valuable assets by a misinformed staff member that may be having a bad day.

Find Out Who Is Currently Spending LOTS Of Money At Your Practice

This is such an easy thing to do as every optometric software keeps track of these numbers but few practices take the next step to cater to these people. My office has 48 staff in a single location with 12 dispensing opticians and they “knew” who were the big spenders of optical products. More

The issue that my office had to resolve was that we wanted EVERY staff member to know who these patients were and to know them and take great care of them.

As stated previously though, if you are NOT tracking this information and if EVERY ONE of your staff does not know these people’s names and recognize them when they walk in, then risk losing these patients to other practices that WILL take these steps.

Please never prejudge that medicare age patients can’t be huge spenders. This is definitely not a true stereotype and cost us thousands of dollars before we fixed our staffs perceptions.

Don’t Compete On A Price Basis

After practicing for many years my optometry partners found out there were different types of patients. The first type of patients are those that are ONLY interested in finding the lowest price.  Eventually my partners and I  found out that for the most part these ARE NOT great patients. More

These people tend to complain the most and also are the most willing to leave your practice for $5.00 if they can find a better deal across town.

When just opening a practice it may be important to get as many patients into your practice as possible, but these are NOT good patients to build a great practice with.  Instead, try to position yourself to attract a higher class of patients that are looking for high quality services with attention to detail and carry merchandise that reflects this.  This will cater to the type of patient that you want to have. 

Using groupon or a number of other highly discounted services may get patients to your office, but in our experience will bring the wrong kind of people that will not be loyal or help build your practice.

Use A Feedback System To Survey Patients After Visits.

There are multiple studies that have been done that our business consultants use as “truths” in our industry.  The first “truth” which we will quote: “The retention of patients is just as, or more important than finding new ones.

Depending on what study you believe, it costs you 5 to 25 times More

more to find a new patient rather than keeping an existing one.” This is why marketing and patient retention is important.  Please see the entire article here: https://empathiq.io

Offer Early Morning, Night And Weekend Hours.

When my personal practice was continuing to try to connect with more patients, we found out that early morning exam times were one of the most desired appointment times and was a huge and vital change that brought more and new patients in the door. More

Our hours began at 7:00 AM as the first appointment. The door was unlocked at 6:50.   Every staff member scheduled for early shift was in the door at 6:30. Having an early morning appointment became our second most popular exam time and allowed us to connect with many more executive level types of patients.  Implementing these early morning office hours will help grow your business.

Evening hours were also much appreciated by patients. We closed the door at 7:00 PM so that our staff was not overwhelmed by walk-ins, but opticians, payment staff and front office staff and one Doctor owner knew that they it was not time to leave until every patients walked out the door.

Saturday exam also was an integral and helpful way to build and help to market to local potential patients as 10:00 AM was the highest requested and much appreciated exam time.  It’s important to understand that every patient with a Saturday exam time needs to be contacted multiple times because  Saturday was also our most often NO SHOW day.

Certainly adding these convenient hours for patients is something you should try yourself!

Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about optometry marketing.

Many other companies try to sell you as much as possible.  To them it is just a dollars game.  It make no difference if your practice makes any more money or not.  We think this is a BS way to do business.  We ONLY will suggest products and services we know will help your business make more money.  So despite what other marketers want to sell you, it is our job to share what is effective and help you to learn and prioritize how to be successful when you spend your hard earned cash for the betterment of your optometry company.

Yes.  Branding of your practice is very important and is a first step that all highly successful optometry practices take.  You want all patients and potential patients to be able to easily identify your practice and not confuse it with someplace else.  So items like logo design, business cards, professional letterhead stationary is needed to help you market and grow your optometry practice.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization so they can be considered to be the same thing.  Please check out our page about Optometry SEO

Our foundations have been primarily in optometry.  The CEO’s business background is actually in building a $100,000 per week private optometry practice.  This gives our company a unique insight into what works and does not work to help grow your optometric business.


Your Practice Needs To Be Found Online – This Is Part Of Optometry Marketing

  1. Google My Business brand search engine results  practice builders  get SEO business services.
  2.  website design and optimization
  3. Other social media like soundcloud

Healthcare marketing by way of using Google search results

This should be the cornerstone of all your marketing plans. If you want optometry marketing to work, then this is a must.  Please never overlook the facts also that the majority of the potential patients that are looking for your practice are on mobile devices. While having separate mobile websites is NOT important, having a website that is mobile responsive and very mobile friendly is a great asset and a MUST if you are going to compete in today’s environment.

Reputation management should be part of every practice that wants to thrive.

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