Optometry Marketing Using Keyword Search Volume

As a private practice Optometrist or Optometry practice administrator you need to accurately know what keywords your website is ranking for and which keywords your website should be ranking for on Google.  The keywords that your website SHOULD be ranking for are determined by the search volume for each of these words and your geographic location.  The reason you NEED to know this is to get an idea of the dollar volume your practice is missing out on every month.  This is an essential part of optometry practice marketing.

How To Find Your Most Important Marketing Keywords And Their Associated Search Volume

For most optometry practices, the main keywords your website should be ranking for are the following:

  1. Optometrist (your city [space] your state abbreviation)       An example is: optometrist Springfield AZ
  2. Eye doctor (your city your [space] state abbreviation)
  3. Eye exam (your city your [space] state abbreviation)
  4. Eyeglasses (your city [space] your state abbreviation)

There are lots more keywords depending on your scope of practice, but these are the most commonly searched.  Here is how YOU can find the search volume for your optometrist related keywords.  The easiest thing to do is to download a FREE extension that is used on Firefox browser called “keywords everywhere”.  If you do a search on Google for “keywords everywhere Firefox extension”, the desired website to get this from should be the first result.

If you can’t find it, this link should work https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/keywords-everywhere/

Next go ahead and click on the “add to firefox” icon as shown below.

Viola! Now you should be able to use this handy extension to find the keyword volume for your optometric terms.  Here is what it will look like when you search for a keyword.  In this example I am adding the search term Optometrist Kansas City MO.

Of special interest here and as a note of explanation, there are a few larger cities where the search volume is much higher WITHOUT using the state abbreviation.


There can be exceptions also when an abbreviation is used.  For example, there are lots more searches for the keyword optometrist OKC then there are for optometrist Oklahoma City, OK.  Check out the staggering differences shown here:

I also want everyone to also look at the “related searches” keywords that Google shows at the bottom of the page. Here is what to look for:

Copy all of these keywords and their associated volume statistics and add them to an excel file and eliminate all the keywords that are not appropriate.  So in the above image you could delete the keywords:
Ophthalmologist Oklahoma City
Optometrist Moore ok
Optometrist Midwest city
Optometrist Edmond ok

When everything is done you should have a spreadsheet that shows ALL the optometry related keywords and this will give you a good idea about how many searches there are for optometric keywords in your area PER MONTH!.  Here is a shortened excel image to show the basics of what this should look like.

Please note that these search volume numbers ARE ALWAYS LOW, and in many cases extremely low.  If you see a major keyword that has zero searches, I am 100% positive it is wrong.  I have ranked websites for keywords that have reportedly zero search volume that ended up with over 500 visitors per month.

If your practice would like to find out more about ways to become more profitable by attracting more patients please reach contact us here: https://www.dominantod.com/contact-us/

In my next post I will talk about how to use your spreadsheet to measure the potential dollar amount waiting for dominant optometrist’s practices to go out and get.