Designing Optical Websites For Sales and Conversion

Are customers bringing in their outside scripts to your optical?  Almost every OD I talk with answers this with a resounding NO!  There are a number of reasons why this is the answer more than 90% of the time, but today I am going to delve into two reasons – poor website design and not being found online.

Every person reading this should do the following and then consider the implications.Open a website browser like Chrome or Firefox and use Google as the search engine.

  1. Make sure that you open a private or incognito tab
  2. Type in the following search terms making sure to substitute your city and state abbreviation. In very large cities you may want to only use the keyword + city
    1. Eyeglasses (city state abbreviation) example: eyeglasses Peoria IL, eyeglasses Dallas
    2. Eyeglass repair (city state abbreviation)
    3. Sunglasses (city state abbreviation)
    4. Optical stores (city state abbreviation)
    5. Designer eyeglasses (city state abbreviation)
    6. Eyeglass frames (city state abbreviation)
    7. Best place to buy glasses in (city state abbreviation)
    8. Luxury eyewear (city state abbreviation)

eyeglasses dallas search results

After you have done this then there are three questions that need to be answered

  1. Does your website appear on the first page of the Google search results for these keyword terms?
  2. If your website does appear on the first page of the Google search results, is it in one of the first three positions?
  3. Does your website appear in the Maps section for these keywords?

Most ODs I talk with answer a resounding “NO” to most if not all of the above three questions.  My response to them is a very sarcastic “Congratulations! Your practice is the best kept secret in your city”.

Here is the main point I am making.  Potential customers and patients are looking for your services or products.  They are looking online on places like Google and YouTube.  If they don’t find your office, they are going to find someone else’s office.  So if you want more the opportunity to generate more optical revenue and the opportunity to attract more patients then GET FOUND ONLINE! Click this link to find out more information about how our optical and optometry search engine optimization services can help.


Optical Websites – The Good The Bad And The Ugly Design Services

Now the next big point I need all private practice owners to consider.  Let’s say that that you now understand the general premise of getting found online.  It is then extremely important that you present a potential customer with a user experience that would want to make them visit your optical.  This is just a kind way to say if your website’s optical page is butt ugly then people are not going to even think of calling you or stopping by.  Here are a few common mistakes I see.

  1. Having ONLY text on your optical website page.  Does your website look like this?  Good luck I would click away if I did not know your practice.

optical website design gone wrong

To me and any other highly successful optometrist or marketing person, I can tell you a couple of things.  The first one is that this type of page was made by an optical website designer that did not know or speak Optometry.  They obviously did not know or did not care that potentially 50 percent of your revenue comes from the sale of optical goods.

2.  Using low quality images.  Check out this image that I found on an optical website page.

ugly poor quality optical design qualities
I can just tell that if you have this image on your website and you are trying to attract new customers and new patients online, good luck because I am sure I would have clicked away and be gone.  I can not understand how people that spend eight years in college can take so little pride in themselves and their accomplishments that they could possibly tolerate something like this. I have been inside enough optometry related Facebook pages to realize that MANY people like to complain, but when it comes down to actually DOING anything, they would rather blame someone else.  The old 80/20 or in my opinion 90/10 rule is still in place and describes this perfectly ( I am done Ranting for the day now LOL)




Optical Marketing Ideas For Everyone To Consider

The next problem I see on almost EVERY optical/optometry website is not having a list and descriptions of “specialty” products that you offer. Now most of these are not actually really specialty items, but once again why not let potential customers know what products and services you offer.  Here is a list of products and services that some offices provide and some that if you don’t offer you should think about.

  1. Prescription Sunglasses
  2. Prescription Swim Goggles
  3. Prescription Scuba Masks
  4. Golf Glasses
  5. Prescription and non-prescription fishing eyewear
  6. Basketball protective eyewear
  7. Football protective eyewear
  8. Hockey protective eyewear
  9. Racquet Sports protective eyewear
  10. Soccer eyewear
  11. Blue light blocking eyewear
  12. Shooting eyewear
  13. Plano designer sunglasses – especially Ray Ban and Oakley
  14. Luxury eyewear (if applicable)
  15. Computer eyeglasses
  16. Hunting glasses
  17. Tennis glasses
  18. Boating glasses

People are looking for these items.  Many of them they are finding these products online and paying extravagant prices.  Do yourself a favor and go online and search for things like fishing glasses or hunting glasses especially in prescription and look at what your potential customers are paying for these.  Can you offer a similar or better product?  Of course you can!  People in some of these sporting areas spend an incredible amount of money in their niche as they are big boys (or big girls) with big and expensive toys.  You owe it to yourself to let these people find your practice by NOT being a well-kept secret.  Please, I emplore you, let people know about the products and services you offer.  Let potential customers find you online by properly optimizing your website and get professional help with search engine optimization so that the optical page on your website ranks in Google for many of these terms.

If you would like help with what has been discussed above please contact us. We have nothing to sell.  We help provide private practice ODs with the opportunity to produce more income through marketing.  Please don’t let your competitors whether it be commercial optometry or online website properties steal any more of your income.  Contact us today so we can talk about a custom plan for your office.