Logo Design For Optometric Practices

There comes a time in the life of many optometric practices when a rebranding becomes the right think to do.  Usually this comes when a practice moves from one location to another or expands or adds new partner Optometrists or it could be just a new philosophy gets adopted. Whatever the reason, these are all times when it becomes the correct time to have your logo changed.  We notice that too many times an out of date or just plain ugly logo is used.  Quite frankly we can not figure this out.

Your logo is a centerpiece of your identity.  It is displayed on all your printed material.  It is displayed on all your online properties.  It should be displayed on your building and outdoor signs.  So practices and practitioners should spend some time thinking about what symbol they want to represent their business for the next “X” amount of years.  It is an important consideration.

Make Your Next Optometry Logo Design Unique

Part of being an elite optometry practice happens when you realize that you need to differentiate from every other OD practice in the area.  Poorly run practices that ultimately will never excel do everything the same as every other practice.  The owners of these practices are also the ones that openly complain on certain Facebook pages about “regretting becoming an Optometrist” and saying things like “I wish I would not have gone to Optometry School”  I am sure all of you know the kind.  They make up the 80% of marginal practices out there.  It does not mean that they are poor practitioners, but unfortunately they would rather complain then do anything about it.  Here though, all elite dominant OD practices and practitioners know that you just need to do something different and better than your competitors.  Such is the case when looking for a new logo.  Lets look at a few and you can consider what has been mentioned here:

Here is a “standard” eye ball shaped logo.

Many practices still use something like this.  Do you feel inspired?  Can everyone feel new patients flocking to your practice now?  LOL  Sorry, not me.  We actually offer this kind of logo at dominantod.com as a ‘pre-made” design because there are people out there that actually want this. 🙁


Instead do something different.  Stand out from your competitors.  Find some way to get noticed.  Here is a more modern logo design.  We admit it is not for everyone, but it will definitely set you apart from your competitors and perhaps even get people commenting about it.

What most people do not know is the amount of customization that can be done on this design. First of all the dark background needs to go. That is just my opinion. All the colors can be changed. The light blue areas can be made a different color. The orange/brown can be a different shade. These are all parts of our custom optometry design service.  Of course the practice name could be added but is not always necessary.  I am sure this could become a memorable and talked about logo.

If you are in need of a great optometry logo, then please check out our custom logo design service for optometrists