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Optimizing Google Maps for your business should be one of the items on top of your list of important marketing items to get done. Of course the reason for this is that this is one of the ways to attract more new patients to your practice. It is very sad, but every day I see even good practices neglecting their marketing duties and allowing their patient population to slowly dwindle to the reality of marketing. As an owner of a Dominant OD practice in your area, this is something that you can and should control. For those of you that are unfamiliar with how powerful Google maps can be and how everything work, lets explore this a bit.

AddING Your Business To Google Maps Is The First Step Towards Local Maps Optimization

In case you dont know already, Google has a way of changing their mind on a regular basis. We are not sure why they do it but for sure they can be confusing.  Today though, everything begins with getting a Google My Business account.  Here is a link to the page that your practice needs to go to if you need to claim/verify a listing or submit your Optometric business for the very first time.

There are a few items that you will need when apply for a Google My Business Account

✅ An official Gmail account associated with your practice
✅ Your practice exact name, address and phone number seen online (NAP)
✅ Your current website URL if you have one
✅ Your hours of operation
✅ A description of your business

Of course there are many other things that are needed, but that gets into the “optimization” of Google My Business a more complicated matter.

Google Marketing Services For  Optometry Practices

Maps Optimization Services Offered For One Optometric Practice Per Area

This is a line we NEVER cross.  If you are our client, we will not provide services to your competitor in the same geographic location.  In huge metropolitan areas we would consider another practice in a different region of the city.  We service private practices only..

We Speak and and know Optometry

We know how Optometry practices works. Because we provide services to only one industry and our backgrounds are in optometry, working with us is much easier as we have “been there – done that” in real life.

We Understand Optometric Specialtizations

If you have a practice that is dedicated to a specialty, we know how to help you there also. We understand local SEO and how to drive targeted traffic from a larger area to help feed your specialty niche.

Our Google Maps Optimization And Marketing Services For Your Practice

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