How Many Patients Are You
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We know how many people you are losing and want to help
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Optometry Marketing And Website Design

Our team works exclusively with private practice Optometrists to help them make more money by way of online and offline marketing.


We build custom long term marketing plans for your practice. We know that the ONLY thing that is important is more patients and more income for your practice.


If your website looks bad, is difficult to navigate or loads slowly, potential customers will click off of your site and search elsewhere for their eyecare needs.


Here’s the deal. More visitors to your website, to your social media sites, to your YouTube channel and anything else connected to your brand is the key to more profits.


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We know what works and what doesn’t


Traffic to your website and social properties is king. We will get more targeted traffic for you.


The more 5 star reviews you have that potential patients find, the better your chances are for them to trust you and make a call.


Your future patients are on social media like Facebook and Youtube. If they don’t find you there, you are missing out!

Designing A Great Website For Your Practice

Are you looking for a new website for your Optometric practice? If so, then we would like you to know that we want your website to be something that you are proud of. More importantly we need your website to reflect the high quality practice that new patients are looking for. Here are just a few essentials that we incorporate into all of our websites.

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Website Design For Optometry Practices 

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Other Optometry Business And Practice Management Ideas

Google Maps 3 Pack Marketing

Today it seems like being in the maps 3 pack has become increasingly important. If your practice is not showing up in that area, you are definitely not getting your fair share of patients looking for a new Eye Doctor. Lets us help. Marketing Strategies For Your Eye Clinic


YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the USA, far exceeding the daily volume of searches on Bing or Yahoo. Making optometry videos and getting those videos ranked on YouTube and Google should be another priority for your practice.

Reputation Management And Marketing

Managing your business reputation online is extremely important. If you are not monitoring and responding to your reviews, things can get completely out of control. Let us help with a customized solution for your practice.


Your current patients are actively using social media. More importantly, your future patients use social media also. They are checking you out online before they decide whether or not to choose you as their new Eye Doctor. If they do not like what they see, they will NOT call your office. We will help.

I hired Tim and his team to build a website for a new location that I started. They made a wonderful website for me and got it ranked number one for my most often searched keyword
Tom Anderson
I had the opportunity to work with Tim Edwards on a project of joint interest. I was impressed with his working knowledge of business building and online marketing
Kotton Grammer
Thank you for all that you have done for me. Your team made my website and it ranked #1 organically and also number one in the maps 3 pack for my practice south of Chicago.
Tom O'Brien
Tim Edwards is one of the few experts in online marketing and wealth building for Optometrists. His 20+ years in private practice gives him a unique insight into the steps needed for practice growth both internally and online
McKay Steggell
Marketing Executive

Logo Design For Optometric Practices

There comes a time in the life of many optometric practices when a rebranding becomes the right think to do.  Usually this comes when a practice moves from one location to another or expands or adds new partner Optometrists or it could be just a new philosophy gets adopted. Whatever

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Optometry Marketing Using Keyword Search Volume

As a private practice Optometrist or Optometry practice administrator you need to accurately know what keywords your website is ranking for and which keywords your website should be ranking for on Google.  The keywords that your website SHOULD be ranking for are determined by the search volume for each of

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Welcome! This website is designed for all Optometrists that are looking to grow their practices using the power of search engine optimization, video marketing, social media and reputation marketing. I need to ask you a question.  How many NEW patients are NOT coming to your practice because they can’t find you online or don’t like what they see when they do eventually find your website?  How many of these lost patients would be in the 20 percent of your population that are great at referring others?  How much money are you losing because of this?  If you don’t know the answer to these questions then I can help. There are plenty of experts out there that will tell you how to build your practice using merchandising tricks, sales techniques, comparing national metrics, redefining your practice as medical based and so on. These consultants are great and deliver wonderful information, but what my team and I do is different. To be incredibly successful, I believe both are needed. I will talk to you first hand as a fellow optometrist that talks the talk and walks the walk. I helped build a 5 million dollar single location practice in a town of 100,000 people and was able to retire at the age of 52. So, I have insights that NO OTHER optometry marketing consultant can offer. I also made many costly marketing mistakes in my career that cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and definitely want to help you avoid the same costly mistakes that I made. So most people ask, do I need to market my practice online? My answer for this is simple. If you have competition, then you would probably benefit from some type of online marketing. With the practices we have already worked with, we know there is more potential growth in larger cities. So if you are a solo practice in a town of 50,000 or less, and not a suburb of a larger city, then a full blown online marketing campaign may not be the best place for you to spend money. Unfortunately, the days of “word of mouth” referrals being good as gold are gone. The most up to date statistics show that even with a referral to your practice by a current patient, 70% of people will still check you out online before calling to make an appointment. What the potential patient sees online will determine if they will call to make that all important “new patient” appointment. So those practices that don’t have an up to date website or are not active on social media or even worse have poor online reputation (or even NO online reputation) may lose these patients that are referred to you by other patients! If you are interested in finding out more about what my team can do to help you get more phone calls and produce more revenue then I need you to answer some question by clicking on this link:Discovery Form  There is no obligation and no cost.